Why Adblock Sucks

Adblock sucks, but so many use it. Why?
Pesky ads of course. You know. The overbearing type that distract you. Everyone hates those. But what about the people who suffer from such addons?

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Speed-Racer2073d ago

Great article and I support you as a fellow writer, but the biggest problem lies in how advertisers run their shop. Most of the brands that cater to smaller blogs show crappy ads (pop ups, flashy stuff) and I think that is what makes readers hate ads. Also there are many advertising middlemen who run ads with malicious content embedded into the scripts via those placing the ad (I've gotten malware like that) which adds more fuel to the debate of not using ads. I support brands like BuySellAds and Federated Media because they run content that is more appropriate, but low CPM and CPC ads tend to dominate and annoy.

Interstitials and pre-load ads also need to disappear.

thorstein2073d ago


Content creators are in charge of their sites and therefore can decide whether they want pop ups and other obtrusive ads.

Mikefizzled2072d ago

As someone who works in IT I'm sick of people trying to download legitimate software from usually reasonable place only to be bombarded with 25 adverts all claiming to be the download button.

Speed-Racer2072d ago

It's HORRIBLE that sites like Cnet and others package ads, and other crapware into downloads on top of your regular share of ads.

annoyedgamer2072d ago

I use ad block to fight Google on Youtube. They are selling a garbage music service that I will never pay for. And I have noticed the ads have recently become more intrusive and frequent, no surprise since they are now selling ad free versions of Youtube.

Dasteru2073d ago (Edited 2073d ago )

If content creators would stop displaying such obtrusive ads, people wouldn't need to use Adblock. Like Speed said, all the pop-up ads and flashing multi color crap along with embedded malware and even porn, ads asking me if i like my dick enough, those are the reasons i personally use Adblock.

Make ads that do not flash, do not pop-up, do not contain malware/porn/viagra, etc. Make them blend with the overall style of the webpage they are on so they do not stand out like a stripper in a Chuck E Cheese. People will stop using Adblock. Hell put up Paypal donation links on your home page so you do not need to have as many ads in the first place. Content creators need to start thinking about the viewers before the viewers think about the content creators.

ChrisW2073d ago

Absolutely! Those "Click Here! Your a Winner!" flashing ads and the Free Browser Games are the main reason why I use AdBlock.

GameSpawn2073d ago

Adblock isn't enough for me...NoScript my friend. I like the granularity of NoScript and the fact it blocks even more than Adblock. It also has the benefit of boosting performance because of numerous flash ads not loading into the page every time, which is another glossed over issue with ad ridden webpages.

I have a decent computer at home, but at work I have no choice in what I need to use and every bit of performance I can get is worth it. Flash ads literally cripple my work machine.

The whole ad issue is a vicious self destructive cycle...sites want more ad revenue and overbalance ads versus content - visitors get more put off by even more ads and start using more and more add-ons to block and remove the ads - ad revenue drops for those websites, so they increase visibility even more repeating the whole cycle over again. The more the issue is fought the worse it gets.

bahadur2073d ago

If enough people started using Adblock, a lot of websites will close down. But using Adblock is also justifiable because of the ads that just take things to the next level of weirdness.

I will agree with Dasteru here. Despite how lawless the internet is, there should be a standard as to how these ads are made, to stop the use of the Adblock. I mean I will use Adblock if I don't wanna see a picture of a dick on a scale with a text, "is your penis big enough" and stuff like that next to a completely unrelated page where I am only downloading a game.

KingPin2073d ago

if you pirating a game, you deserve to see a dick as punishment. lol

bahadur2073d ago

Haha! i knew someone was going to say that! :D

KingPin2072d ago

lol man, i was just kidding.
but im glad you seen the lighter side of my comment :D

KingPin2073d ago

the main reason i use adblock, mostly coz it displays clean pages which are a lot less cluttered and it prevents malware and other malicious software getting on to my pc.

i consider adblock part of my security software like i do an antivirus or firewall. with windows being so easy to catch a virus, you can never be too careful.

Speed-Racer2073d ago

Yea. Sometimes I try to watch really old shows that used to play on History Channel and unfortunately the only sites that have them are stream sites with a crap load of warez pop ups.

Speed-Racer2073d ago

Just to add to this debate, native ads are a really good idea if you ask me BUT brands like Outbrain, Taboola, etc have already ruined it by pretending to dub their service as a premium product when in reality you see crap like 10 ways to lose 1000 pounds in 5 days.

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