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Audvisor review: curated knowledge, anywhere, anytime

Audvisor in a neat and rather underground app that targets those who want to listen to motivational and insightful speeches while doing stuff around the house or while on a commute. You get to listen to speeches from Guy kawasaki and many more, and learn about how the world works.

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Google Play Store is ending support for call recording apps

The search giant Google has been stopping third-party call recording apps to record calls with its latest update to Android.

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The Google Play Store will finally show ratings that are actually relevant to you

Big changes are coming to the Play Store through 2021 and early 2022.

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Google Play Antitrust Lawsuit to Be Filed by U.S. States

Dozens of U.S. states are preparing to file a Google Play antitrust lawsuit, alleging that Google abused its power over app developers and content creators.

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