Top 5 Most Overpriced Tech

We as human beings are programmed to run after things that make us look good in public even if we personally could do better than that. Thereby we see people with shiny crimson and an awesome shade of blue colored headphones with a little b written on them. Most of us are like that, we'll carry around a bag full of garbage if it made people think we're better than them. In the tech game, there are products with a horrible bang for the buck ratio and yet there are people in the world who actually prefer to buy these over a relatively better product with a low cost. Some of these tech products are listed below.

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KingPin2069d ago

i agree on the HDMI, apple products and beats headphones...but the ink is generally pricey as it is. yes its just ink but its not like you get name brand ink. everywhere i go, the ink is around the same price.

this is why i switched to laser printers. the powder might be expensive but it lasts a whole lot longer.

kingPoS2069d ago

Plus ink from Laserjets don't dry out if you leave them be for months at time. They just last and last and last. lol

level 3602069d ago

Monster cables are overpriced.

Blame the celebs for pushing the price of Beats headphones and the gullible public for buying this very expensive garbage. So many better choices out there if you only look.

KingPin2068d ago

as far as i know, HDMI cables are digital meaning they either work or they dont.

so the cheap ones will get the job done exactly the same as the expensive ones and the picture and sound quality will be exactly the same.

kingPoS2068d ago

I'd rather buy skullcandy hesh's over beats any day of the week.

KingPin2068d ago

beats headsets are complete trash man.
i dont know about skullcandy, havent used em.
i'll stick to Sennheiser though. build quality and sound quality on the headsets are top notch.

what i also like about Sennheiser is all the heaphone parts are replaceable. if a speaker, ear pads, cable, head band needs changing, you can swap em out with new parts.

my HD212Pro is lasting me a good 10 years now. so far i just changed the ear cushions.