India Supreme Court Scraps Internet Censorship Law

Two years ago, a law student, turned free speech activist led a campaign against India’s stiff law on internet censorship. His effort and the others who joined in the campaign finally paid off on Tuesday, following the Supreme Court judgement.

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proudly_X2080d ago

One country, however, where the government has been totally against internet censorship is Nigeria. The government led by President Jonathan has been called every name in the book that evokes clueless imbecile for his style of governance. Yet, there have been no arrests or oppression of anyone. -

For me, this is how government should act. They should be accountable to the people who put them up there to serve..

Leaders are not known by title, they are known by vision. When the vision is being derailed, internet censorship doesn't help.

Big ups to India.. North Korea is next... :D

coolbeans2080d ago

Interesting point with Nigeria's president.