Internet Explorer was hacked in only 17 seconds at Pwn2Own

Internet Explorer 11 suffered a harsh defeat from 360Vulcan at the Pwn2Own hacking competition in Vancouver today.

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Tzuno2082d ago

And that's why it needs to die, now really i hated that bloatware browser. Firefox love here.

Tsuru2082d ago

Microsoft already announced end of life for it i thought?

Speed-Racer2082d ago

Firefox was also hacked at the event.

coolbeans2081d ago

Apparently, all four of the major browsers were hacked there. That article will get a lot less heat, which is partially understandable when considering the time limit here.

Gilgamesh152082d ago

If you read the article this team has been working with the Microsoft security team for 5 years, so this is no surprise.

bahadur2079d ago

Internet Explorer is ancient, even the jokes ridiculing it are getting old. It's about time MS brought something new to joke about.

Speed-Racer2079d ago

have you been reading the news lately?

bahadur2078d ago

Yes, I know it's ended and they're bringing something new to joke about now.