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anandtech - The AMD FreeSync Review

The first time anyone talked about adaptive refresh rates for monitors – specifically applying the technique to gaming – was when NVIDIA demoed G-SYNC back in October 2013. The idea seemed so logical that I had to wonder why no one had tried to do it before. Certainly there are hurdles to overcome, e.g. what to do when the frame rate is too low, or too high; getting a panel that can handle adaptive refresh rates; supporting the feature in the graphics drivers. Still, it was an idea that made a lot of sense.

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ZoyosJD2080d ago

I hope Nvidia will adopt this sooner rather than later. The unnecessary expense, proprietary nature, and exclusivity that G-sync adds to monitors may even become a detriment as a majority of the market moves to new monitors supporting free sync and consumers find simply upgrading to a new AMD card yields the same dynamic refresh rate experience as a new nvidia card and monitor.