Windows 10 will be a free upgrade, even to pirates across the globe

After announcing that Cortana is coming to Android and iOS, Microsoft is turning heads once again after they announced that Windows 10 will be made available as a free upgrade to those using older operating systems such as Windows 8.1, 8, and 7, even to pirates! Yes, you read correctly.

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Yehshuah2078d ago

can't wait to pirate it

r1sh122077d ago

i hope everyone realises the upgrade will be free.
the first year will be free, then it will turn to subscription!

Soupaman662077d ago

False. The subscription confusion came from rumors and miscomunication.

yezz2077d ago

Soupaman66 is right and he even has an article to prove that. And STILL, someone is disagreeing with him?? People are weird..

r1sh122077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

I havent disagreed yet, but I am assuming this.
I might be wrong which is fair, but MS are never going to go down the fremium route.

I know if you dont upgrade within the first year it will not be free, but I am fairly certain there will be a pro version or something to monetise.

Just saying

Speed-Racer2077d ago

@yezz - can't please people really. There will always be the clown who has to disagree, and I'm sure I'll get a disagree as well on my comment for saying that.

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r1sh122074d ago

I believe i was right. Win 10 will not be a free upgrade for pirates.

Stringerbell2078d ago

You just know some poor soul will pay to upgrade for this and at the same time get a virus.

fatstarr2078d ago

this is great news :D I got some test laptops acting up this will be perfect.

madmonkey012078d ago

i have used the release that is already available, its better than 8 but i will still be sticking with 7,

Tiqila2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

updating means formatting and installing win 10 or just upgrading win 8.1 to 10, like installing a patch?

I have made bad experience with upgrading various versions of ubuntu, it really never worked out. The solution always was to format and reinstall... otherwise you can not really enjoy the operating system for it is too laggy and tends to crash every now and then.

Speed-Racer2078d ago

Must have an older setup (7 and above). You can use either the windows updater or disk to upgrade as the article highlights depending on what OS you run.

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