Detection of mini black holes at the LHC could indicate parallel universes in extra dimensions

The possibility that other universes exist beyond our own universe is tantalizing, but seems nearly impossible to test. Now a group of physicists has suggested that the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the largest particle collider in the world, may be able to uncover the existence of parallel universes, should they exist.

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Stringerbell2088d ago

Did I read that right? The initiate is spearheaded by a one 'Dr. Gordon Freeman'? =p

ZoyosJD2088d ago

I hear Dr. Rosenberg is heading up the R & D team. ;)

In a parallel dimension this might be true.

ZoyosJD2086d ago

I read it twice beforehand and still had to ctrl F double check because the coincidence would just be funny in itself.

Still a good read anyway.

winterdaggr2087d ago

just as long as we don't have dr walter bishop helping and we'll survive >.>

Newmanator2087d ago

So long as there aren't any Observers!

ZoyosJD2086d ago

Wait, there seems to be a multitude of possible references here. The multi-verse must be coming...

thorstein2086d ago

Nope. It's Cave Johnson. Apparently they are "working on an OS to help determine how to create a doorway to these other dimensions/ universes. I'm Glad I don't have to work on that kind of AI. A bit scary," said Atlas Peabody.

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