Microsoft To Offer Windows 10 Custom ROM For Android Smartphones

Microsoft can't sell enough Windows Phone handsets to make a dent in the global market. Hence, it is adopting a new way to gain market share, and that is by offering a Windows 10 Custom ROM for Android Smartphones. Basically, you will be able to "install" Windows 10 on your existing Android Smartphone, much like how Android users are able to flash custom ROMs.

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KingPin2085d ago

seems like a good idea.
instead of forking out for a windows phone that i might not like, i could buy an android handset, and give windows 10 on my phone for free.

hate it? just flash custom android rom back again.


Revvin2080d ago

Not sure why you would want to go to an OS with less customisability and less support on the store from big companies like Google. That said maybe they should take a leaf out of Google's book and keep Office 365 exclusive to Windows phone to tempt business' to buy Windows phone's instead of making it available on iOS and Android, I know they still make money from the subscription but keeping it exclusive for a while longer might have helped them with Windows Phone and Surface sales.