Mars One Finalist Explains Exactly How It‘s Ripping Off Supporters

When Joseph first signed up with Mars One — the media-hyped, one-way mission to colonize the red planet being floated by a Dutch non-profit — he didn’t think much of it. The former NASA researcher said he never really took the application seriously; he was just putting his hat in the ring mostly out of curiosity, and with the hope of bringing public attention to space science.

But eventually Joseph — who is actually Dr. Joseph Roche, an assistant professor at Trinity College’s School of Education in Dublin, with a Ph.D. in physics and astrophysics — found himself on the group’s shortlist of 100 candidates all willing to undertake the theoretical journey. And that’s when he started talking to me about the big problems he was seeing with Mars One.

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ChrisW2086d ago

I had my doubts about it from the beginning. There is no way that any real corporation would financially support a suicide mission.

Now with Dr. Roche's breach of non-disclosure contract, it's obvious that this was simply a shoddily put together scam.

Stringerbell2086d ago

“If you are offered payment for an interview then feel free to accept it. We do kindly ask for you to donate 75% of your profit to Mars One.”

Was a Nigerian Prince one of the finalists?