AMD's next-gen graphics card R9 390X will cost about $ 700

Prices and initial performance evaluation: At CeBIT could bring heise online first details about AMD's upcoming Radeon graphics cards generation R9 300 in experience.

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Tzuno2321d ago

My 2 cents, good luck with power consumption, no ty i'll pass.

Stringerbell2320d ago

Well on the plus side a card that costs this much probably could heat a small apartment lol

ZoyosJD2320d ago

That's understandable if you live in a place with crazy electric rates like Puerto Rico or various European countries.

But for those in the US, like myself, the potential price difference of $300+ for the Titan X far outweighs the electric cost difference of ~$15 a year.

Considering the rumors point to a ~30W difference between the cards, if you can't handle one, you probably shouldn't be considering the other.