This man invented a machine that turns plastic into oil

What do you do when you want to find a clean source of renewable energy? Invent a machine that transforms plastics into oil.

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KnowTechie2090d ago

I'm sure it takes a lot of electricity to make one liter of oil.

Kurylo3d2090d ago

so much for clean renewable energy... lets just keep polluting lol

Was hoping once we ran out of oil we'd be forced to take solar more seriously... but the government already making laws where you cant power your own house with solar power... becuase tehy want u to pay for it.. laws like u have to pay a tax for using solar power.. rediculous.

barbarapeva2090d ago

what a strange thing to invent.

KnowTechie2090d ago

I'm sure the oil companies will round house kick this with law suits or what not

Spiewie 2090d ago

That sounded insane at first. Yeah it probably does consume a lot of energy.

KnowTechie2090d ago

it's still a far out idea.

winterdaggr2087d ago

nothing can really beat solar energy and wind farms. plus i think the plastic that's changed into oil is just as bad as not using plastic to make oil.