The Worst Three Gimmicky Features on the Apple Watch

Tech Analyzer:

"with Apple releasing even more details regarding the Apple Watch at their Spring Forward event, it’s time that I’ve shared everything I feel about Apple’s first attempt into the wearable market. To start off, here’s the top three features that I consider gimmicks on the Apple Watch."

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Gondee2090d ago

Very fanboy oriented, but for sure not the leading features of the device. Obviously

ZoyosJD2090d ago

Honestly everything has it's pros and cons. I would personally find the tapping on my wrist at various times to be annoying.

Spiewie 2090d ago

The heartbeat thing is kinda useless and the tap sounds quite annoying..

KingPin2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

forget the useless features, that watch design looks like complete trash.
hell, 80s casio watches have more style than the apple watch.