Best privacy apps for Android: end to end encryption for free

Find out which are the 8 best Android apps that come with end to end encryption for messaging, calling, cloud storage, video and photo sharing, browsing and more.

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pressjudge2087d ago

I personally love RedPhone

Speed-Racer2085d ago

Oh god, you guys are doing this 1 page per point thing as well?

ArtificiallyYours2085d ago

I just keep a QWERTY Keyboard phone with Brew MP. As well as a non-camera flip phone set to delete call logs and text conversations.

aranatecharete2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

And can anyone confirm me that how are you sure for that your messages and other content is not being spyed on by the NSA? And what guarantee would one have if those services say that we would delete your data once it had been delivered and NO ONE would have access to your data...?

Naturally the NSA would like to target those people who are not letting them see their data... Cause they would think that they have something to hide from us so that's why they are using other services. And they would give a damn about your privacy...

emilysmithltg2084d ago

Most applications that offer end to end encryption are open source, which means you can go through the code yourself to see how the app is designed to handle data. There is no guarantee that these services won't be infiltrated, but they have the most security measures put in place in order to avoid that.

aranatecharete2083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

That is the thing that worries me the most. Even being open sourced, there is no guarantee like... data is just collection of bits, and what if the company(ies) backups the data at specific intervals/events (ON THE SERVER END ONLY AND NO TRACE IN THE APPLICATION). It can then be delivered to what ever source they want... :/
I think the only option would be to develop your own application and then install it on your family and friends devices... And that is not feasible...

These are weird times... @_@

barbarapeva2084d ago

this is a good thing right?