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Major museums issuing bans on the selfie sticks

The US’s world famous Smithsonian Institution is the latest in a long line of public places to issue a ban on the selfie stick.

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HanCilliers2092d ago

You can stop many things with a ban, selfies are not one of them ;)

schmoe2092d ago

the "obnoxious factor" aka the narcissistick.

lord zaid2092d ago

Im just glad someone actually had the balls to say it.

DesVader2092d ago

lol at the "narcissistick" :)

SonZeRo2092d ago

i hate selfies. Good to stop that crap.

Kurylo3d2091d ago

Why stop there. No taking pictures... ever.. anywhere... Next step .. no taking pictures of police while they break the law.

Qrphe2091d ago

Selfies themselves aren't banned; selfie STICKS are for obvious reasons.

hkgamer2091d ago

didnt even know you could take photos in museums.

Qrphe2091d ago

So, this is what a selfie stick is


Pathetic lol