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Apple Watch Available in Nine Countries on April 24

Apple today announced that Apple Watch, its most personal device yet and the newest innovative addition to Apple’s ecosystem, will be available on Friday, April 24 to customers in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, the UK and the US. Unfortunately there is no word on an NZ release at this stage, although it is likely we will be included in a second release wave.

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JoeIsMad2093d ago

Hey, at least the top tier of this watch isn't overpriced. You know, with the addition of a new car, that is.

joffa812092d ago

UK prices have been announced and to be honest it's £100 too expensive for the basic sports version. There is much better android based smart watches out there for half the price, Apple have really dropped the ball on this !!!!

The Motorola moto 360 is an awesome smart watch and it's over over £100 cheaper. This is the benchmark in terms of price and I hope Apple realise soon that their smart watch is far too expensive and drop the price, failing that I think I might find a cheap import like ebay has with the cheap imported iPads.