Apple announces more about upcoming 'Apple Watch'

NRM: "Following the Apple Watch announcement in September, Tim Cook has taken to the stage at their 'Spring Forward' event in San Francisco to announce more details - including price, launch date, app support, battery life and much more."

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SquishyGorilla2088d ago

Thoughts on the announcement? To me it doesn't seem like the breakthrough Apple expected it to be.

ArtificiallyYours2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

It's the biggest joke from Apple since Antennaegate.

Who bets Jony Ive makes a smart ass remark over the bands pricing? Along the lines of "you can just buy the band separately and shut the fuck up about it". Everything about this watch is anti-consumer, from the need of an iPhone for proper app usage to abysmal 2013 LCD Smartwatch battery life -- just wait until they make features that require syncing to an APPLE SIM. It's okay though, because it will sell right? I'm sick of companies ruining the potential of smart watches, the Pebble must be rolling in laughter.

I absolutely despise Apple's post-iPhone philosophy of design. Even the crappiest thin laptop lets you plug in an HDMI and has two USB ports, upgrade RAM, CPU, GPU, etc...

ArtificiallyYours2088d ago

I know I'm stretching my honestly furious sounding rant, but did Jony think about consumers who want a basic phone but wanted a Smartwatch to keep on top of everything else?