How Google Project Ara Plans To Kill The Standard Smartphone

Google Project Ara is the next big thing in the mobile community, it’s border-less with unlimited possibilities. You know how people build PC for maximum usage? Google want you to build smartphones to your taste and specification. Never again will any mobile vendor limit you to what your smartphone can do, Google Project Ara will change all of that, at least, that’s what Google hopes its new idea can bring to the industry.

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proudly_X2094d ago

This can really shape the world in 2015.. How come Apple didn't think about this?

ZoyosJD2094d ago

Apple's audience won't be the ones interested in this phone.

proudly_X2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

Apple's audience is not of this world..

KingPin2092d ago

Apple didn't think about it coz their innovation died along with Mr Steve Jobs.

ArtificiallyYours2089d ago

Apple has this militant need to lock down their hardware architecture to a stagnant degree. Small shop repair services suffer because of Apple. It's sickening.