Apple officially World's number one cellphone maker

Apple has dethroned Samsung by outselling the Korean tech giant and achieving the top spot in global smartphone sales in for fourth quarter of 2014.

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HoldenZA2092d ago

That's great and all, but I will be sticking to my android. I find that I have to jump through too many hoops with my last Apple product, just to get basic content on my phone.

DesVader2092d ago

Same. Apple has a "ease-of-use" thing but now that I have an iPad and an Android phone, the "one button" thing on the iPad annoys me....where is that "back" button....

starchild2092d ago

I personally love my Galaxy s5 and wouldn't trade it for anything. I had an iPhone 4 and it was alright but the android phones I've owned have been so much better.

HanCilliers2092d ago

Ive had an Apple for years, but I wont buy one again

LordDhampire2092d ago

This is because in Japan you pretty much don't have a choice for anything but Iphones.

SonZeRo2092d ago

only #1 cause there are way too many form over function idiots in the world.

KingPin2092d ago

thats great news for apple....but i'll stick to HTCs for now.

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