Zotac Has A New Steam Console With Monstrous Power

Featuring some of the highest profile graphics and processing in any “Steam Box” PC TV console, ZOTAC has a new item set to hit the market and it’s a beauty.

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ROQFrost3197d ago

Oh look another low budget pc.

JoeIsMad3197d ago

I'm not so sure, given that they haven't had a price.

ChrisW3196d ago

Below all of the pictures:

"Steam has revealed a price point and release window of $999.99 in November 2015."

Stevefantisy3197d ago

That's a sweet looking machine.

Magnus7013197d ago

I'm interested in the price, but it looks like we won't find that out for a while.

Stevefantisy3197d ago

That is true price could be a deal breaker according to Valve most of these machines will run close to the next gen console prices. Do they mean starting or current that has yet to be seen.

Jacktrauma3197d ago

Hopefully they do something to really wow the people because looking at how the Alienware console did...its gonna be a tough race to get into.

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