Microsoft HoloLens Project Designer Killed in Drunk Driving Hit-and-Run

Mike Ey, a project designer on Microsoft’s HoloLens project, killed by a suspected drunk driver in Redmond, Washington early on Saturday morning.

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SilentNegotiator2100d ago

What a shame. Something like 10,000 people die as the result of drunk and/or high drivers every year in the US alone.

"Don't drink/get high and drive" is great advice, but since overindulging can lead to impaired judgement and your judgement gets worse with every drink/drag/etc (and drunk/high people don't typically respond to cheesy anti-drug commercials), I just say "Don't drink/get high". But hey, that's just me.

MrSnrub2100d ago

I hope for a future technology where you have to do an in-car breathlyser test showing you're not drunk/high in order to be able to move the car

MrSnrub2100d ago

For people that have done it before etc

wannabe gamer2100d ago

it already exists for offenders

Gamesgbkiller2100d ago


It's funny how people ignore the real problem.

That's really sad.

Tzuno2100d ago

Wtf is wrong with his neck? BF4 glitch??