Fujitsu shows iris recognition system that unlocks phones

In the bid to come up with authentication solutions beyond passwords, fingerprint authentication from Qualcomm is making news, and so is Fujitsu's iris recognition, yet another potential authentication tech step forward. Fujitsu announced that it has developed an iris authentication system, and they built it into a prototype smartphone, shown at the Mobile World Congress 2015, running from March 2 through March 5 in Barcelona. The biometric authentication approach uses infrared light to acquire the pattern formed by the iris—the pattern of one's iris does not change much at all after the age of two. Iris patterns are unique for each individual, much like a fingerprint. Tim Hornyak, Tokyo correspondent, IDG News Service, said the prototype being shown at the Barcelona event was the first of its kind for a smartphone, according to the company. Hornyak said it can work even if the user wears glasses or contact lenses. The prototype, he added, had a piece of hardware weighing less than 1 gram grafted onto a regular smartphone.

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