Pornhub's Wankband Lets You Masturbate To Charge Your Smartphone

The newest company to enter the wearable market is...Pornhub. I bet you didn't see that coming! Pornhub's wearable is appropriately called Wankband. What do you do with this Wankband? Well, you wear it on your good hand's wrist, and you wank hard of course!

The Pornhub Wankband lets you masturbate to charge your Smartphone.

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Stringerbell2099d ago

Just when you think you've seen it all...

just_looken2099d ago

NO SHIT i am laughing my ass off and creep-ed out.

ZoyosJD2099d ago

Hate the association, but like the stored kinetic energy idea. Are there any more respectable companies that make these with sports moreso in mind?

Spiewie 2099d ago

I don't see anyone getting this. Wearing that would be quite embarrassing. Ridiculous that a company would actually invest money in something like this.

blackblades2098d ago

Disagree as well, it won't be embarrassing since you won't be wearing in public no one's going to know. Even if you did wear it out people wouldn't know what it is unless they asked.

thorstein2099d ago

If everyone used this, then there would be no need for fossil fuels.

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