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China censorship sweep deletes more than 60,000 Internet accounts

Some of China's largest Internet companies deleted more than 60,000 online accounts because their names did not conform to regulations due to take effect on Sunday, the top Internet regulator said.

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, Tencent Holdings Ltd, Baidu Inc, Sina Corp affiliate Weibo Corp and other companies deleted the accounts in a cull aimed at "rectifying" online names, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) said.

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xer02338d ago

I wonder when this will start happening in the west. Here in the UK, government is increasingly controlling what we do online, and limiting the scope of what we search for online.

We are not that far of from China.

And when the republicans get back into power at some point, i'm sure they will have eyes on our online activity.

They already do, but the scope is not publicly acknowledged.

annoyedgamer2338d ago

Both parties have their eyes on your activity. You are played by the statists.

ChrisW2338d ago

Banned because of misleading, rumor mongering and other violations?

This is a textbook definition of oppression.

johny52338d ago

Because everyone knows China is the land of the free....