This is Microsoft's vision of the future

How could emerging technology transform the way get things done 5-10 years in the future? Watch Kat, a young independent marine biologist, and Lola, a corporate executive, work together in a highly interconnected and information rich future.

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blacktiger2150d ago

Microsoft is retarded really! Every 3 years they come up with video like what they going to do. Nothign so far. 3-4 years ago they had this vision where it's a bit similar to this video here.

Where are we? Microsoft is losing in all race excepy maybe cloud or something...

And for any company shut up and show us something! Right now I'm only interested in Driverless Car!

SilentNegotiator2150d ago

Yeah, Microsoft seems to come out with these futuristic movies/ads/ promotions/whatever you want to call them, every couple of years.

Always a classroom with technology that only a preposterously overbudgeted school could afford (even if it becomes a little more affordable in the future).

Someone in the middle of no where using overcomplicated technology.

An office building with "productive" hardware with barely explained interfaces.

A computer that is also a many decades are they going to tell us that technology is the future?

A bunch of goofy shaped screens...

All tech companies need to think about the future, but get realistic.