Ad-blocking software is 'worse than Superfish'

Researchers have identified a fresh threat to the way consumers interact with websites, this time from software designed to block advertisements.

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Speed-Racer2156d ago

ABP or Ad Block. End of story. From a publisher point of view I'm not in favour of ad blockers, but many advertisers pretty much stab themselves in the leg when they put out crappy flashy ads or interstitials or pop unders. They need to stop that crap and focus on quality advertising.

Stringerbell2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

Agreed that is what initially led me to utilizing ad block software. Since then though I've changed my stance realizing that at the end of the day this is how websites make their bread and butter.

As for the sites that are unapologetic in their less but flashy adverts, I avoid them entirely. A good example is 'whatculture' that site is a mess if you have your Ad-Block disabled, no idea why its so popular on the newsboiler sites...

So as you said there is a balance to strike between acceptable adverts and in your face obstructing your article adverts.

SilentNegotiator2155d ago

I would love to turn off ABP, but so many ad servers are super unsafe and you don't even need to click on anything to have an issue.

I haven't even had to clean up a minor threat on my computer since I started using ABP and I have no intention of going back (unless a website makes a very open gesture to say that they've done this and that to make their site safe for their users).