The New View Master Reimagined With The Help Of Google Cardboard

he View Master has been giving generations of children a 3D experience for over 75 years and now with the help of Google, Mattel has reimagined their original design to move forward in our modern world. Since its creation in 1939 the view master has used reals to offer this experience but today with the Google Cardboard you will simply be able to use most smartphones.

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Stevefantisy2353d ago

I used to love the original as a kid and I think this is great way to keep it modern but at the same time still give you that nostalgic feel.

Jacktrauma2353d ago

LOL Sweet! I'll have to pick one up the kids :P

Stevefantisy2353d ago

If the price is right you can grab one for yourself too. ;-)

JoeIsMad2353d ago

It's so weird to read "Google Cardboard." It feels troll.

Stevefantisy2353d ago

I know exactly what you mean. I had to read it several times for it to sink in as a real thing.

Magnus7012353d ago

Now I must start a quest to find my original View Master from my childhood.