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[Video] Microsoft Band virtual keyboard full review-works surprisingly really well

Microsoft has just pushed out the first major update for its Band since its launch in October, and one of the cool new features is the availability of a virtual keyboard. But how well does it actually work on such a tiny screen? Surprisingly really well. We have to say that Microsoft did the best implementation possible on the screen real estate available.

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MrOlympia742349d ago

This looks pretty neat. I can see myself using this

jguzmanr812349d ago

Looks cool but that's one small keyboard. Go9d video

Gondee2349d ago

I have tried so hard to get myself to buy this, but the reviews just say its so uncomfortable :( Rev 2 Microsoft, take my money

MrOlympia742349d ago

I've been using it for a while now and its not uncomfortable at all. You get used to it being on your wrist and the good the adjustable tension works great. When you compare that to a Fitbit, then you may immediately say it feels awkward but you quickly get used to it.
It does a heck of a lot for $200