Has Technology Changed Human Interaction?

Every teenager and kid knows the whining, incessant argument: "How long have you been on that thing!? You should do something meaningful; go outside, play some ball, go exploring! You don't know until you try! You'll never have good experiences or meet any new people with that awful screen!" or "You're killing your eyes on that! Why don't you go outside or read a book?"

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Stringerbell2154d ago

Well the internet sure has brought out the dark-side in a lot of people...

InsidiousMind2154d ago

Not gonna deny that; there sure is some crazy shit that happens on the internet.

Though I feel that doesn't take away from how people interact in general. Kids are taught (at least where I grew up) basic internet safety from a young age.
Also, the presence of such people is, relatively speaking, a minority on the internet.
Not to say this diminishes it, but it means that it doesn't effect day-to-day activities of a normal user on much of a scale, especially if they remain aware of the dangers of using the medium.