Cops Pay $500 In Bitcoins Due To Ransomware

Individuals, businesses, and even police departments are being targeted by groups wanting to receive Bitcoins in ransomware schemes. The latest victim is the police force in Midlothian, a small city near Chicago. Malware infected the force's computers when someone clicked on a malicious email.

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Stringerbell2345d ago

A classic pump and dump scam that has an ideological base. It'll be around and the only time you'll hear about it is when X exchange vanishes leaving its users penniless, or offbeat stories like this. Not even 'prominent' Austrian economists see value in Bitcoin and that says a lot.

Dasteru2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

10-15 years from now, the world will be run by Bitcoin (or something similar). It and its spinoffs are the only truly universal currencies and are by nature uncontrollable by anyone.

@Stringerbell: The only people left penniless are the fools who leave all their bitcoins online only. Bitcoin is designed to be encrypted and stored locally so that it can't be stolen. You can store it both locally with backups and online, making it impossible to steal or loose.

crazytechfanatic2345d ago

Storing locally is the best way.