This Machine Lets You Take 3D Selfies And It's Already A Big Hit In The UK

People can't take enough selfies. A London college is teaching its students the art of taking a selfie, selfie sticks are selling out everywhere, and some people have even moved on to taking belfies. The next logical step, clearly, is 3D selfies. Artec has a machine called the Shapify Booth that lets you do just that.

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ajax172167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

I want my own, damn it!! They need to bring this to the US right now! I'm not into selfies in the least, but I really want a miniature of myself

SilentNegotiator2165d ago (Edited 2165d ago )

You can make a very similar portrait with a Kinect. There's a 3D printing place in Chicago or you can always just send the data to several companies that print and ship it right to you.

steven83r2165d ago

This was at CES a couple of years ago. They were scanning you and making Star Trek Characters out of you. Pretty cool but way to expensive. They wanted $100 and some wanted $300 per figure.

hanaghansarah2162d ago

Seen this, such a great idea