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Comcast agent tells customer that data caps are “mandated by law”

ArsTechnica: Why does Comcast impose data caps on its customers? According to one spectacularly ill-informed customer service representative, the company does this because it's "mandated by the law." A Comcast customer who is in one of the trial areas where Comcast charges overage fees when customers exceed data allotments called to cancel his service and received the bizarre explanation. In a reddit post, the now former Comcast customer wrote that he had been charged $120 in overage fees.

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Crazay2158d ago

Ya the douche nozzle TeleCos here in Canada tell us the government regulates it.

Jrmy842157d ago

Lmao,it should just be common sense now to record any conversation with this moronic company, just like the AOL CEO did. Their employees are some not very bright individual's, "the government regulates it" my ass at least not yet they don't. Sad truth is they have more people trying to sell you crap then they have techs to fix their overpriced internet service.

hanaghansarah2152d ago

the day data caps are removed is the day that we can use our phone properly