AT&T tracks the hell out of you, but you can pay to opt out

AT&T ‘s new uber-fast internet access plan comes with a rather annoying extra-feature, which is not a feature for the user, it’s a feature for the company. If you opt for this subscription, AT&T will repay you by tracking your every move on the internet, unless you pay a fee.

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pressjudge2351d ago

They track everything and sell all our information to other companies.

emilysmithltg2350d ago

And we agree with it! And they make us agree with it because some of us don't have the extra cash to pay for privacy which should be a value, not a commodity.

thereapersson2350d ago

Isn't this a form of extortion? PAY US OR WE WILL SELL YOU TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER!

Speed-Racer2350d ago

@ emily - Us? Since when do you live in the United States?

emilysmithltg2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

@Speed-racer: does it really matter? AT&T is not the only internet provider in the world doing this. Shouldn't all humans stick up for each other when their rights aren't respected? Or do you prefer me saying "go AT&T! Extort those 'muricans!" ? I'd rather not, though. Let's not get into what empathy and solidarity means in journalism.

ChrisW2350d ago

Welcome to the Tracking and Selling of Information Age. This is just the beginning and it will NOT get any better or less infringing.