Ok Apple, I Get It.

Tech~Nificant: After spending many years and dollars running away from Apple's tightly controlled OS and devices that have seen minimal appearance change, the Air 2 showed me the light. "I Get It'!

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Jrmy842352d ago

Glad I go through googles servers, the site contains malware don't click on it.

MericS2352d ago

Wow! I got the warning myself, first time ever seeing.

MericS2352d ago

Odd that I only get the warning when trying to access from Techspy. Any thoughts?

kingjosh18762351d ago

I've been getting the warning on a number of sites I clicked through N4G/Techspy recently

MericS2351d ago

Yes, thinking its TS related.

ravinash2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

Getting the same thing when clicking on links from Techspy.
Site might be black listed on chrome or something.
Looks like "Google safe browsing" has detected spyware on techspy.

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