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The universe didn't begin with a Big Bang, new theory suggests

The universe didn’t start with a Big Bang – but it wasn’t all made by out of nothing by some old guy on a cloud, either

Instead the universe has existed forever, and there was no beginning at all, researchers from the University of Lethbridge in Canada and Benha University in Egypt suggest.

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KingPin2694d ago

why did i go to school and study for all those exams when everything i learned slowly gets disproved over the years. whats the point of learning incorrect information from the start.

Grap2694d ago

wait they teach Big Bang NOW??, there's no proof that thing ever happened.

KingPin2694d ago

no proof but it was taught in schools.
we were also taught pluto was the 9th planet of our solar system....

AiirJordann232694d ago

They still teach it and they still show it on tv as well

1nsomniac2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

I still remember being taught in school that the sun & the moon were the same thing just at different times of the day.

Anyone can be a teacher no matter how stupid they are.

Rute2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

The big bang refers to the beginning of the expansion of the universe and since observations show that the universe is still expanding, the big bang is basically still going on.

I downloaded the paper at question from and this new theory is actually not completely different from the Big Bang model in that it also has a very dense past and further cosmological evolution but the authors make the point that using so called quantal Bohmian trajectories, the paths of particles do not cross, thereby avoiding a state of singularity alltogether. This is significant because the hypothetical singularity is a state of time and space where time breaks down meaning that there is essentially no past before that point.

From the paper: "Also, since it is well known that Bohmian trajectories do not cross [19] and [20], it follows that even when θ (or å) →−∞, the actual trajectories (as opposed to geodesics) do not converge, and there is no counterpart of geodesic incompleteness, or the classical singularity theorems, and singularities such as big bang or big crunch are in fact avoided."

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strangeaeon2694d ago

That is why these things are called theories, they exist until proven or disproven with empirical data.

andrewer2694d ago

Exactly what @stangeaeon said, they never said you're studying the truth, but theories. If we knew the truth yeah it'd be easier, but we still don't. But we obviously have to study what is considered the most believed theory because that's what society currently believes thus what you need to know.

Lionsguard2694d ago

Because it's a theory and theories are always evolving. People were taught the Ptolemaic system of a geocentric universe for something like a thousand years or more. It's just what we understand at the moment.

Even this news doesn't disprove The Big Bang, it's just another theory. I can also throw in the theory that a big flying spaghetti monster created the universe with it's noodley appendages but it doesn't mean that I just disproved the big bang does it?

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SOUTHNECK2694d ago

Genesis 1:1 – In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

What part of that doesn't make sense? How arrogant are we to think that we know better?

Testo2694d ago

According to that book the Earth is 6000 years old. That's why we think we know certain facts better.

SilentNegotiator2694d ago

Except that the hebrew word that everyone assumes to be "day" also means a period of time or an age.

The young earth theory wasn't always this big.

steve30x2694d ago

How Arrogant are we to think that theres such a thing as GOD.

wannabe gamer2693d ago

I think you said that backwards

dieger2694d ago

Your name says it all

andrewer2694d ago

And then people like Galileo come and the Church is all like "Shhh don't say it shhh" ow c'mon man.

badz1492694d ago

I find it funny that some people are trying hard to prove that there is no creator of the universe.

"...the universe has existed forever, and there was no beginning at all..."

give me just 1 thing that has no beginning or ending. I doubt anyone could so how are we suppose to believe that this universe is something that is "just there" all these times without a beginning? I call BS!

Lionsguard2694d ago

The idea of a "Creator" means that god has existed forever and has no beginning or end. I just proved it using your own logic against you. If God had a beginning it means that he was created and by who? Another God? If so, he is not god. If he has an end, he is not god.

badz1492694d ago

and...your God is just a "thing" to you? no wonder you don't believe him that much if at all.

Tyler Durden2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

I hate to get into religious arguments but technically nothing has a beginning, or an end, energy simply transform. We, as humans, are not created. We are transformed through a certain reproduction process. When we die we are transformed into different forms of existence and energy. Same thing for everything else. The universe does not waste anything. Maybe the Big Bang was just the transformation of certain energy one way or another? Who knows?

gangsta_red2694d ago

I find it funny that some of us put all of our faith and belief in theories of the unknown only for them to be second guessed or proven wrong down the line.

But many refuse to believe that something unseen could have created all that we see and don't see. Is it really that hard to believe that something way bigger than us on such a large scale could have created the universe?

Something that is outside of time and space?

W34KN35S2693d ago

@kydrice I think your mixing concepts I believe what he was asking you was to name one thing that has no beginning according to your belief. We Christians believe that God is the creator of all, he wants to know according to whatever you believe in what do you see that hasn't been created or had a beginning or ending. Do you ever look at a building or car and think it just appeared out of nowhere or do you assume it was created. I'm not mathematician but they've done research on the probability of humans randomly generating and assembling our cells to form oorgans and the odds are way past impossible.even if you don't believe in God logic still cancels out the theories that men have created.

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W34KN35S2694d ago

I agree with you but sadly we can't reach everyone I wish we could. People don't believe because they are incapable of believing.everyone has a certain threshold for what they will accept to believe.....I'd like to say Christians have a higher threshold.I find it funny how the world makes us seem like we have blind faith when the bible is actually encouraging us to look at the evidence for ourselves and make a choice, those who choose to read and understand the bible in its correct context will have a clear understanding and choice of believing, while others who don't take the time or effort choose to believe a lie and reject the truth. I believe many are just afraid that because there is a God that would mean thAt they have to submit to him and change their lives and they don't won't that. How do you think we as humans came to be on this planet?

PSVita2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

You know people wrote the bible right?

madmonkey012693d ago

the bible was just fiction to appease the simpletons in society during the roman empire.

much like twilight and 50 shades of grey today.

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theshredded2694d ago Show
indigoignited2694d ago

Interesting article indeed! I am intrigued to see how far this goes.

However, the description for the beginning of the link and article is old and tiresome... "but it wasn’t all made by out of nothing by some old guy on a cloud, either."

Ignorant of the position they're arguing against, ans a mistake commonly made by willful ignorance.

Christianity has never had the view that God is an "...Old man on a cloud..." as the title suggests. The Christian Bible's God brings "Ex Nihilo" (Out of nothing) and is timeless, space less, and immensely powerful. He does not have a physical body.

Android2694d ago

The universe is unfathomable.

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