Samsung Galaxy S6 specs possible deal breaker

Tech-Culture Samsung Galaxy S6 specs possible deal breaker

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iphuture2365d ago

As long as the storage increments aren't priced like Apple do on the iPhone / iPads I don't mind the lack of removable storage.

konnerbllb2364d ago

This is not the right attitude for this, sorry. Why do you think they removed the removable storage, its so they CAN charge whatever they want between storage tiers like the other guys. Galaxy users should be furious.

Dannylew2364d ago (Edited 2364d ago )

i have note3 and 4... before it .. s4... before s4 ... iphone 3gs and 4s..

for sure my next is iPhone. samsung for me is dead.

Blasphemy2364d ago

What's wrong with the note 4? It's the best phone out right now.

spektical2364d ago

agreed. heads and shoulders, and i have a nexus5.

Although I don't see the point of upgrading my phone until I am utterly impressed by battery life.

solid_snake36562364d ago

Sorry but the LG g3 I the king of hill

IRetrouk2364d ago

Sorry solid its not, i own both and the note 4 is deff the better phone.... more powerfull too.

ps360s2364d ago

@ IRetrouk

I agreed to that too, I have both and to me Note 4 is slightly better

but not saying LG G3 is bad, its a fab phone but there's something about the note 4 that has the edge.

I think Samsung needs to change and not try to follow Apple too much.

IRetrouk2364d ago

@ ps360s

Yeah defo i love both lol but to me the note 4 just edges it with the bigger screen n better internals. Two best phones on the market.

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Tsubasa-Oozora2364d ago

I like my external storage. NO thank you samsung, we are through.

A phone with almost a full storage runs so slow. I always install my apps on the sd

bahadur2364d ago

That's not what I expected from you Samsung. Anyway, it was good knowing you and I think it's time for me to start using other phones.

aranatecharete2364d ago

What is with this post??? These specs have been speculated for quite some time now and the only thing this post offers is the exclusion of external memory, of which i think is not a game Samsung is going to play and they know that is their deal breaker. Even if they go with a 128 GB version they are leaving that slot there.

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