In Less Than Two Years, a Smartphone Could Be Your Only Computer

With each passing season, another wave of mobile devices is released that’s more capable and more powerful than the generation preceding it. We’re at the point where anyone armed with a current model smartphone or tablet is able to handle almost all of their at-home—and even at-work—tasks without needing anything else. We’re living proof: for the last two years, WIRED has been able to cover events like CES almost exclusively using our smartphones.

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Gondee2357d ago

Overblown. Screen size isn't going to be more acceptable in the next 2 years. I need at least 13 inches to get actual hard core productivity

Mr_cheese2357d ago

The only way t would work is if you docked your mobile and it then came onto a monitor.

Fatal-Aim2356d ago


smart phone with projector technology. The author is very correct

Gondee2356d ago

There is other issues, the versatility is not there yet. Heck, theres some things i can't even do on a full fledged laptop.

frjoethesecond2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

Yeah. No.

Dogswithguns2356d ago

I can see it happens.. even if a small screen smartphone, plugged in or wirelessly your mini HDMI to a big screen TV or monitor. Kaboom, here we go.

SilentNegotiator2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

No thanks. I like a nice cheap smartphone since I'm carrying it around and risking dropping it, losing it, getting it stolen if I put it down in the wrong place, etc and not willing to pay anyone $700 to replace it (like a contract company would want...which is why I go prepay. $35/mo unlimited everything, great service).

subtenko2356d ago


Can my smart phone render and post edit videos, store GB os games, music, videos, photos, edit photos with advanced photo editing software, host steam clients, model 3d and render it, have 16+gb RAM, 7 cores, 1TB+ HDD or SDD space,

NO! Didnt have to click the article to know that and thats the tip of the iceburg

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