Samsung explains why its smart TV isn’t actually stalking you

We saw a glimpse of a dystopian future last week when Samsung’s smart TV policy went viral, altering consumers that any personal information spoken out loud within range of the television might be captured and transmitted to third parties. This caused quite a stir, especially when comparisons were drawn to a specific passage from George Orwell’s “1984.

Samsung, not thrilled with the negative press, has issued a response to the torrent of articles and tweets that have been written in response to its own privacy policy.

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Xb1ps42364d ago

Funny.. Sounds exactly like what kinect on xb1 went through...

I don't know ppl are too paranoid now a days..

annoyedgamer2364d ago

After reading the latest info regarding the feds takeover of the internet I do not think it is possible to be too paranoid.

ChrisW2364d ago

Let's be realistic here - unless people are known criminals, NSA and the Feds have no interest. Nevertheless, if consumers are so paranoid, they shouldn't own or use any devices that transmits data. Meaning, in this day and age, they should just go live under a rock.

aranatecharete2364d ago

The Report that went viral earlier wasn't confirmed by any official sources and was just a guess that created enough conspiracy but a clearing statement from Samsung is a good response.