Flip phones on the comeback trail?

MWEB TechnoZone writes: "Given the interconnectivity of the world today, it usually follows that trends – particularly tech trends – originating in the United States or Europe, reach South African shores sooner rather than later. So it is with some interest that one looks at one looks at a new, and somewhat unusual, trend currently sweeping the West, and whether or not South Africans will pick up on this as they have so many others in the past. Just as music albums are again being released on vinyl, so it appears that the flip phone is making a serious comeback – and for any number of reasons."

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DesVader2174d ago

I wouldn't mind if they updated the phone used in The Matrix. That was one kick a $ $ phone

Anarki2173d ago (Edited 2173d ago )

Yeah, I think that was a concept of the Nokia 7110. I had this phone, it was a pretty good/solid phone back in the day.

CongoKyle2174d ago

I actually saw a guy rocking an old school flip phone the other day and I got a bit of nostalgia... I won't lie.

HanCilliers2174d ago

My first cell phone was a flip. Loved it!

DesVader2174d ago

mine was too - old Motorolla. It was kind of cool to flip open the phone to answer....very dramatic.

plut0nash2174d ago

Not a fan. I like the built-in screen protection though.

SonZeRo2174d ago

/shudder, no thanks. ribbon cables never work to well.

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The story is too old to be commented.