iPhone 7: what we know so far about the next Apple flagship

The iPhone 7 and even the iPhone 6S are allegedly coming this year, but what can we expect to see on the flagships? Flexible bodies?

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Audiggity2368d ago

Didn't the larger iPhone 6 Plus already have a flexible body? :)

Prediction: iPhone 7 will be just like the 6... just like the 6 was just like 5... and the 5 was like the 4... and the minor bump in features will still have the Apple cult waiting in line for their new, pre-defined, rigid, hard-to-repair yet easy-to-break devices, as they throw away their previous slave-labor-produced crappy iPhone.

AsmaMohd2367d ago

The most noticeable differences in iOS 7 are a set of new, brightly coloured icons and a simpler, more minimal design aesthetic.