Internet addiction leads Chinese teenager to sever his own hand

A Chinese teenager who is only being referred to as "Little Wang" decided to sever his own hand in order to "cure" his internet addiction.

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emilysmithltg2372d ago

I read head for a second there, omg.

Minimoth2372d ago

lol now that would have been really extreme

SilentNegotiator2371d ago

It would be tough to stay addicted to the internet without a head.

bahadur2371d ago

I remember I once read a piece of news about a Chinese guy who sold his kidney for an iPhone, wonder what's up with them.

stuna12371d ago

He's on dialysis due to Apple releasing a upgraded version to the Iphone he sold his kidney for./s

Lord_Sloth2371d ago

Seriously, I'm coining a mental disorder right now called "Chinesenthiosis" since these people are so freaking extreme!

iliimaster2371d ago

damn even in my hay days being in top 100 in gears of war 1 playing before after work all night i took restroom breaks,ate, etc buuuut my people skills could use more work lol

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