If Facebook Use Causes Envy, Depression Could Follow

How Facebook users use the site makes a difference in how they respond to it.

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KnowTechie2178d ago

Another reason why I don't use this.

SilentNegotiator2177d ago

You could become envious of people on TV, on the streets, etc. and have it lead to depression. But I guess in this day and age, no one learns to cope with anything and instead blames anything that they can point a finger at.

KnowTechie2177d ago Show
LightDiego2177d ago

I know, keep seeing the photos of hot chicks, after handshaking myself i got depressed.

Unztayble2176d ago

This is very true for me personally. I do get envious when I see people who I consider my friends doing things without me and post it on FB. I don't get depressed but the feeling of being left out lingers and I begin to wonder about my friends.

I rarely post anything on FB and don't feel the need to read anything on there. Many people are truly just highlighting the awesome parts of their lives and I tend to forget that reality is not like that 24/7. I keep in contact with people who are otherwise difficult to get a hold of because they are out of the country or their cell phones have been disconnected.

When I do post anything it is with people. None of that selfie crap.

bahadur2176d ago

The reason why this is so accurate is because while using FB we become envious of people we know in real life and we start comparing their lives with ours and that's what sucks about facebook.