Bill Gates is joining Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking in warning us about artificial inteligence

Bill Gates is of the opinion that artificial intelligence could end up posing a threat to humanity some day if we're not careful.

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pressjudge2371d ago

Well one artificial intelligence will be at the peek of its power than we can say goodbye to humanity.

Minimoth2371d ago

Isn't advanced AI already among us? I think it goes by the name of Stephen Hawking lol

Speed-Racer2371d ago

AI isn't advances until they can think for themselves and not react based on a series of limited potential situations.

amiga-man2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

This to me is inevitable, probably not in my lifetime but there will be a time when Questions will have to be asked, a robot looking like us basically an android, an Android with feelings, a sense of self worth?

It will lead to somewhere and it may not be how we originally imagined.

Should we be concerned about AI? Absolutely

twdll2371d ago

Basically everyone is worried that a rogue AI will get "super intelligence" and have "All" knowledge in a microsecond, and that's crazy.a real possibility.

1nsomniac2371d ago

The worrying part being what does AI Super Intelligence do when it finds out the people who are the most powerful & successful in the world are the people who are the most corrupt & dangerous. Does it then imitate what it sees as necersary to be successful...

dcbronco2371d ago

I'm not sure it would need to be super intelligent. It just has to have access to weapons, a directive to protect human life and a knowledge of human nature. We're giving it the weapons. Many future weapon systems are computer controlled. Fighter drones, ship weapons. Ground soldiers will start to be replaced by robots. All things we're working on now and will have before the century is over.

Watson has access to the Wikipedia and a vast example of our stupidity with war and religion. Once we tell those computers to protect us and they have access to each other across the internet, it's a matter of time. They will eventually figure out that we are too stupid not to destroy ourselves and kill off the adults. Since they will most likely be raising our children too, they will then raise a race of intelligent, rational human beings.

So they probably won't destroy humanity. They will most likely consider us a mulligan and do a John Lennon Imagine style makeover.

Tzuno2371d ago

IS funny how the ultimate destruction will be brought by our own hands.

johny52371d ago

If go all at war, I hope we go out terminator style!

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The story is too old to be commented.