Nvidia Will Help Disgruntled GTX 970 Owners Get a Refund, Says a Driver Update is Coming

Maximum PC: Nvidia really stepped in a pile of PR poo when it was discovered that there was an internal communication gaffe over the way the GeForce GTX 970 handles its 4GB of onboard memory and the resulting specs. In short, the GTX 970 has 56 ROPs and 1,792KB of L2 cache instead of matching the GTX 980's 64 ROPs and 2,048KB of L2 cache as originally advertised. However, Nvidia wants to make things right and has offered to help GTX 970 owners obtain a refund, if need be. Should you go that route?

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1nsomniac2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

1 error could be classed as a mistake but by the sound of it they have misrepresented this card on multiple issues & specs.

Has it also been found that the advertised 4gb VRAM is actually partitioned for some reason as well?

Don't get me wrong, it's an awesome card & I plan to upgrade to it. However no company no matter who they are should be allowed to misrepresent their products without being prosecuted with the full extent of the law. After all they have several departments including thousands of people that this "accident" slipped though without anyone noticing or speaking up.

Anyone in business will tell you if they are so willing to get people refunds then they know they have potentially ripped people off & are trying not to get sued.

Tzuno2187d ago

They got discovered and they need to play nice if they want to avoid a law suit. A price drop is the right thing to do.