Microsoft Now Says Not All Lumia Phones Will Receive Windows 10 Update

Maximum PC: There's a lot of buzz and excitement surrounding Windows 10 at the moment, which is understandable since Microsoft just finished revealing a bunch of extra details at a scheduled press event. However, if you direct your attention to Microsoft's Lumia Conversations blog, there's a bit of a buzz-kill for Windows Phone owners. Specifically, Microsoft said that not all Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices will see an upgrade to Windows 10, even though it previously said they would.

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ArtificiallyYours2382d ago

I wouldn't expect any Windows Phone before 2012 to even receive Windows 10 updates...

But, I'm sure the 520 will get Win10x support. It's still a successful device, assuming the 435 doesn't replace it worldwide that is...

blacktiger2381d ago

What's with all these number 3 or 4 digit number?

Cueil2381d ago

they work much like video card numbers...

ArtificiallyYours2381d ago

The first digit is representative of hardware tier, it's a lower-end phone even if it has a front facing camera and the 520 doesn't. I'm guessing the 435 uses 2011-level cameras but with Geo-Tagging.

The second digit refers to the form-factor, I assume...

Cueil2381d ago

I expect all duel and quad core phones will get it and some of the lower end phone may not get it... some apps wont work on those phone so not sure why people would think the OS would work... though they may get a stripped down version of the OS

stamps16462380d ago

It would be nice if they would release a list of compatible LUMIA devices.