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The U.S. loves iPhones more than it does Android phones

It seems that U.S. citizens are more fond of iPhones rather than Android devices, as a recent study correlates iPhones with education levels

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ajax172381d ago

Pfft, I'll never own one! Samsung FTW!

Yi-Long2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

It's mostly a status-thing, I believe. An iPhone is considered high-value, so 'earns' you more status, while you've got Android phones in all sizes and prices.

Also, an iPhone is an iPhone. It just is what it is, and people KNOW what it is. Somehow, people seem perfectly fine with accepting it's limitations, while perhaps Android-users are a bit more 'demanding'.

Thirdly, obviously, because there are so many Android phones, there will also be lots of mediocre or poor Android phones around, so yeah, of course those customers will be left less satisfied.

Personally, I'm very happy with my OnePlus Android. It's not 'perfect', but neither is an iPhone. Hardly any phone is 'perfect'.

N82380d ago

I think its because most of the people who use an iPhone don't even know its limitations.

Gondee2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Meh, I believe so many people have been burned by shitty Android phones there is a hefty popular opinion that Android sucks/unstable/gets slow/no OEM support ect. I have went back to Android 2 separate times and have gotten burned both of them. Once bt HTC and once by Samsung. If me, the technical user gets robbed, then my mom for sure cannot handle it and I would never recommend it

NicSage2380d ago

I'll take my HTC One m8 unlocked on Straight Talk all day long.

45.00 a month unlimited everything...
It's actually more like 40.50 a month due to the wal-mart discount as my wife is a Pharmacist & a manager for her pharmacy.

She is also using a HTC One M8..

Statistics like this are always skewed.

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