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Eight Reasons to Own a PS4 Now

TK: Sony has celebrated one year of the PS4 and it seems that all the kinks have been fixed. We do not hear much complaints of the ‘blinking blue light of death’ anymore. While it was debatable to purchase the PS4 on launch, it makes better sense now into invest in this colossal gaming console. Hence, we give you eight good reasons to own a PS4 now.

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saadd202194d ago

8/8 are solid reasons..although there could be 8 reasons not to own one too :)

Spiewie 2192d ago

Hmm I got one around a month ago and honestly I think I bought it too early... There aren't a lot of amazing games out there and the ones that are out are not worth the 60-75 euro price tag. can't wait for games like the witcher, the division and arkham knight but right now i only have shadow of mordor.

AsmaMohd2189d ago

Slow WiFi card, not much in terms of customization, lacking features that were promised at reveal.