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University creates artificial muscles

MWEB TechnoZone writes: Researchers at the Durham, North Carolina-based Duke University have been able to grow living twitching tissue that could substitute for human muscles in medical research.

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DesVader2188d ago

Another field opens for plastic surgeons - just let them graft muscles on to give you that buff 6 pack. Of course you are still going to have to exercise them, so its no shortcut :). Its beyond tech, its like sci-fi this.

plut0nash2188d ago

I'm not sure I'm happy with this. Good for repairs, but cosmetically? Hmmm.

DK2L2188d ago

Looks like it's still early days based on the info, but imagine the applications in a future where this kind of medical tech is perfected? Already scientists will be able to grow muscles from biopsy samples and test how drugs will react to the muscles... Custom-made drugs!

schmoe2188d ago

May you live in interesting times

LightDiego2188d ago

I wonder if this method can help people with muscular dystrophy.

annoyedgamer2188d ago

That is what came to my mind, now we need to grow brain tissue to fight dementia and life expectancy will skyrocket.

LightDiego2187d ago

That would be great for me and millions of people. :)

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