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Microsoft’s HoloLens – Kinect 3.0 or the future of gaming?

MWEB GameZone writes: "Microsoft has unveiled their Augmented Reality (AR) ‘Hologram’ headset yesterday, shocking the gaming industry with their astounding technology. Microsoft’s first reveals of new technology tend to be very optimistic in nature.

Here is why we think the HoloLens could go the way of Kinect or change the way we play games forever."

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SonZeRo2382d ago

Looks cool but what the one writer stated has me thinking aswell, i get green in the gills quite quickly so hopefully this tech won't be nauseating.

Sillicur2382d ago

Yeh man I know what you mean. I get motionsickness from watching a 3d movie, Imagine how bad this or VR headsets will be!

DesVader2382d ago

This is really suprising...I am not sure MS have played in the VR market before. I know Sony has.

Sillicur2382d ago

I think with enough money behind them they can make it good. How great it will be though is still up in the air.

That-Guy2382d ago

It's AR (Augmented Reality). They chose to market it as holograms for some reason.

HanCilliers2382d ago

I agree with the author, we are all very excited about VR, and I I've said earlier, it will dominate this year's E3 & Gamescom - BUT, a lot still has to happen before it will change how we play games. For now it's awesome that devs are working with it.

Sillicur2382d ago

It will definately dominate the E3 and Gamescom, but in the end I believe it could just be a niche market. I still prefer sitting in front of my PC with my trusty mouse and keyboard

TehDiTH2382d ago

Until the VR helmets can read your thoughts i dont see how Gaming in VR can explode.

windblowsagain2382d ago

It's AR and For business it could do well. For point and click games it would be ok.

For everything else. No.

s45gr322381d ago

Why not 😰? This could be great for map editors, rts , and definitely puzzle games.

s45gr322381d ago

The illumini room is alive; I wonder if it will be compatible with the PC.This in conjunction with kinect may move gaming forward. Oculus Rift competition is truly heating up.

DesVader2381d ago

Generally people just hack xbox peripherals to work on the PC - remember teh Kinect in the begining - pc people and tech people were hacking it long before the PC drivers came out.

caseh2381d ago

"I wonder if it will be compatible with the PC"

Uuuh yeah, it was announced with Windows 10. Gaming industry has jumped on it but the premise is an extension of Windows.

s45gr322380d ago

That's good news, can't wait to try this and the Oculus Rift.

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