WhatsApp Messaging Service Coming To The Web

It appears that the hugely popular WhatsApp mobile instant messaging service is going to be made available via the web, if the just launched web sign-in page is to be believed.

The service had in excess of 500 million users back in April 2014 but after being bought by Facebook in February 2014 there was much speculation as to the future of the service.

Still going strong today, the service is about to expand onto its next platform – the web. Login page is live with a QR code to login from your existing WhatsApp connected mobile. This is not yet currently working but expect it to go live soon.

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saadd202197d ago

Viber did this long before this as a desktop app. Good for Whatsapp..lets see how good it is when its released.

Speed-Racer2197d ago

It is released. I'm using it now :D

spacerace2197d ago

Yes it went live quite quickly, I love the idea but only have an iPhone so no good at the moment. Does it work ok as a browser tab left open all day?

Speed-Racer2197d ago

It's perfect! I just turned on desktop notifications as well so I can hear whenever I got notifications. Huge step forward for Whatsapp.

AsmaMohd2197d ago

Fascinated by things that go beep.